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NOTE: VG=Very good condition. G=Good. If the book has a dust jacket you will see two references as to the condition. For example 'Very good/Good' would mean the book itself is in very good condition with a good condition dust jacket.

* Official program. Boxing Contest for the Heavyweight Championship of hte World. Jack Dempsey vs. Tommy Gibbons. Shelby, Montana. July 4, 1923. (THIS IS A REPRODUCTION ) VG+ condition (6)  $35 ea.

* Official program. Jack Sharkey v. Young Stribling. February 27, 1929. Flamingo Park. Miami Beach, FL. Jack Dempsey by arrangements with Madison Square Garden Corp. 16-pages. Unmarked scorecard. VG condition $100  (Paul Thomas interested in this one when I can locate it. 4/29/15)

* Boxing Show Ebbets Field. August 5, 1941. Cocoa Kid vs. Izzy Jannazzo in the main event. Also on the card was Beau Jack vs. Minnie De More. VG $50

* Official Programme. Jack Solomons Presents Heavyweight Contest. Heavyweight Contest Bruce Woodcock v. Freddie Mills & Welterweight Championship of Europe. Omar Kouidri v. Ernie Roderick. Harringay Arena. June 4, 1946. A little wrinkled, otherwise good +. Unmarked scorecards. $35

* Official program. Joey Maxim v. Ray Robinson. Yankee Stadium June 23, 1952. Cover a bit grubby, else good + condition. $175

* Official programme. Harry Levene Presents International Boxing at the Royal Albert Hall. Ron Barton vs. Yvon Durelle. May 24, 1955. A couple of signatures in pen on the rear cover that I can't make out, else VG condition. Unmarked scorecard. $20

* Official program. Floyd Patterson vs. Roy Harris. 15 Rounds World's Heavyweight Championship. August 18, 1958. Wrigley Field. VG $40

* Official program. Jimmy Walters v. Mike Seyler. August 20, 1966. Seattle Sports Arena. Unmarked scorecard 4-pages. VG $15  (Advise Cary when this is found.)

* Seattle Boxing Club Program. Boone Kirkman vs. Bill McMurray. Sept. 19, 1968 at the Seattle Coliseum. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" one-page program. Good condition $40
* Official Program. First Annual Xmas edition 1969. Rocky Hernandez and. Rudy Villagonza pictured on front cover, Roger Boy Pedrano and Frankie Crawford on rear cover. VG $15

* Official Program. Boone Kirkman v. Jack O'Halloran. Seattle Center Coliseum. July 12, 1973. 14-pages. Unmarked scorecard. Signed in blue sharpie top of front cover "Courtesy Abe Bean." VG $35

* Official one-page 6 x 9" program. Boone Kirkman v. Mike Bruce. Seattle Boxing Club. One-page program. January 26, 1970. VG $40
* A Collectores Item from Boxing Illustrated. Magazine titled 'The Fight of the Century. Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali. World Heavyweight Championship Madison Square Garden/Mar. 8, 1971' 35-pages. Good + $40
* Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali I program (March 8, 1971). The second official program. Brown cover with both fighters pictured squared off in the center photo. 48 pages. Color photos (2) VG $125 ea.
* Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali III program (October 1, 1975). Closed circuit version in VG condition. $40
* Sugar Ray Seales professional Debut. 1/11/1973. Sugar Ray Seales v. Rodrigues Gonzales. Unmarked scorecard. Very good condition, thouugh one has a dime size piece of color scratched off on front cover. (2) $30 for the latter, $40 for the better one.
* September 28, 1976. Muhammad Ali v. Ken Norton, Yankee Stadium. 48-pages. VG $50
*Official fight program - Leon Spinks vs. Muhammad Ali, Battle of New Orleans, Sept. 15, 1978. VG $100  
* British Boxing Board of Control 1929-1979 Golden Jubilee. Program for 50th anniversary celebration of one of Britain's oldest sporting clubs. History of the club, British boxing history. 46 pages. Very good + $30 * Tacoma Tough Guys competition. October 7, 1979. Good + condition. Tournament results are filled in on those pages. VG $15
* Fight Night Magazine. Published by Pat Lynch. 30-pages. Previews of Ricky James v. Terry Mintus, Tony Sibson v. Michel Stini, & Roy Varden v. Dill Collins. Good condition $5

* Official fight program - The Montreal Showdown, Welterweight Championship of the World. Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran, June 20, 1980. Very good condition $50
* Official program. World Middleweight Championship at the Boston Garden, January 17, 1981. Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Fully Obel WBA/WBC's No. 1 contender. Excellent condition $50
* Official fight program - Welterweight Championship of the World, Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns, Sept. 16, 1981 Very good $40
* Official fight program - World Heavyweight Championship - Larry Holmes v. Muhammad Ali. October 2, 1980. "The Last Hurrah!" VG $100
* Special Soueviner Program - World Championship Boxing - Direct from Caesars' Palace, Las Vegas. Larry Holmes vs. Muhammad Ali. The Last Hurrah. 4-pages with large black & white centerfold of Ali. VG $50
* Official World Lightweight Championship program, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini vs. Ernesto Espana. July 24, 1982, Warren, Ohio. Very good plus condition, unmarked scoredcards. $35
* The Crown Affair. WBC-WBA. The World's First Live Heavyweight Championship Doubleheader. WBC World Championship - 12 Rounds. Larry Holmes vs. "Terrible Tim" Witherspoon plus WBA World Heavyweight Championship - 15 Rounds. Michael "Dynamite" Dokes vs. Mike "Hercules" Weaver. The undercard of the WBC card included an elimination bout between Greg Page and Renaldo Snipe, and the undercard of the WBA card included a match between Ossie "Jaws" Ocasio and Randy Stephens. Program for the events. VG $20
* Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor vs. Nicky Furlano I.B.F. World Junior Welterweight Championship fight program. Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Canada. June 22, 1984. Excellent condition $35
* Official program. Hagler vs. Hearns. 'The Fight' World Middleweight Championship. Ceasars Palace. April 15, 1985. Good+ condition $50
* Official program. The Fights! Marvin Hagler v. John "The Beast" Mugabi & Thomas Hearns v. James Shuler. VG $35
* Official program for pro debuts of Tyrell Biggs, Mark Breland, Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, and Evander Holyfield. November 15, 1984 Madison Square Garden VG $85
* Young Corbett III World Welterweight Championship Souevenir Program c1984 Fine $20
* Mike Tyson vs. Michael Spinks Official 6/27/88 Official Fight Program for World Heavyweight Championship VG (2) $70 ea.
* Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran III - Dec. 7, 1989 Official Fight Program, Mint $35

* International Boxing Hall of Fame Inaugural Induction Program - June 10, 1990. 12-page program in excellent condition. Modern boxers inducted included: Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Carmen Basilio, Ezzard Charles, Billy Conn, Bob Foster, Joe Frazier, Kid Gavilan, Emile Griffith, Jake LaMotta, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Carlos Monzon, Archie Moore, Jose Napoles, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sandy Sadler, Jersey Joe Walcott, Ike Williams. Old Timers inducted were: Abe Attell, Jack Britton, Tony Canzoneri, James Corbett, Jack Dempsey, George Dixon, Jim Driscoll, Bob Fitzsimmons, Joe Gans, Harry Greb, Peter Jackson, James Jeffries, Jack Johnson, Stanley Ketchel, Sam Langford, Benny Leonard, Terry McGovern, Barney Ross, Gene Tunney, Mickey Walker, Jimmy Wilde. $30
* Evander Holyfield vs. Buster Douglas, October 25, 1990 Official Fight Program for heavyweight championship. Very good. Along with December 1990 issue of 'Boxing' magazine with Douglas/Holyfield cover and feature article titled 'The Moment of Truth'
* Official program. Holyfield vs. Foreman. Battles of the Ages. Atlantic City, April 19, 1991. World heavyweight championship. Excellent. $50
* July 7, 1992. Ten Goose Boxing. Lights! Camera! Action! Rafael Ruelas vs. Mauro Gutierrez and Frank Liles vs. Tim "Doc" Littles. Souevenir Program.  Hollywood Palladium. July 7, 1992. VG $15.
* May 13, 1993 Madison Square Garden program. "Fight Night". NABF Welterweight Championship - Larry Barnes vs. Harold Brazier, Kevin Kelley vs. Jesus Poll, Aaron Davis vs. Jose Martinez. VG+ $10
* August 29, 1994 program. "Championship Boxing, Fight Night at the GW Forum. Great Western Forum" IBF Super Flyweight Championship between Julio Cesar Barboa and Harold Grey. Chico Castillo vs. Panchito Valdez. VG+ $10
* Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Oscar De La Hoya, June 7, 1997 Official Fight Program, Mint $35


 * The Milwaukee Journal 24th Annual Golden Gloves and Wisconsin Championships. Auditorium, Jan. 26, 30 - Arena, Feb. 11, Feb. 13. Four-page program listing all of the various divisions and particpants. Excellent condition. (3) $10 ea., another in VG condition with some ink checkmarks next to the names of some of the fighters inside. $5.
* Bare Knuckle Boxing Hall of Fame Inaugural Induction Weekend October 16 - 18, 2009 program. 8 1/2" x 11" - 18 pages. Inductees included Jack Broughton, Bill Richmond, Tom Cribb, Tom Hyer, Paddy Ryan, George Godfrey, Jake Kilrain, John L. Sullivan, William Muldoon (trainer), Richard K. Fox (promoter), and honorary inducteeds: Carmen Basilio, Rob Ray, Leon Spinks, Baby Joe Mesi, & Bill Heaney (local promoter). Mint condition $25