ORIGINAL NEWSPAPERS FEATURING MUHAMMAD ALI ($15 each, unless indicated otherwise)

2/18/64 Boxing News . It's King Clay As He Predicted.
5/27/65 L.A. Herald . The Latest Twist, Clay Karate.

12/8/70 L.A. Herald - Slower Clay Finishes in Haste.
3/8/71 L.A. Herald. Ali 215, Frazier 205 .. (2 copies)
3/9/71 L.A. Herald - Rematch Set for L.A..
3/9/71 L.A. Herald. Who's The Greatest? Frazier of Course.
3/9/71 L.A. Times. Frazier Wins, Decks Ali in 15th Round.
3/9/71 N.Y. Times. Frazier Outpoints Ali and Keeps Title.
3/10/72 L.A. Herald . Ali's Toughest Foe. His Pins.
6/28/72 L.A. Herald. Ali, I'm Better Than Ever.
4/1/73 L.A. Times - Norton Breaks Ali's Jaw, Wins on Split Decision.
9/11/73 L.A. Times. Ali, the Star, Upstaged by Norton, the Backdrop.
9/11/73 San Diego Union. Ali's Rally in Final Round Nips Norton on Split Vote.
1/29/74 L.A. Times - The Great Rematch Just Cheap Imitation of Original.
1/29/74 L.A. Herald - A Night for Ali's Revenge.
10/30/74 L.A. Times. Muhammad's Back On Top of the Mountain.
7/1/75 L.A. Herald. No Need for Ali to Retire.
9/21/76 L.A. Herald. Norton?s Plan, Quiet Confidence.
9/29/76 L.A. Times. If Ali Won Fight, Japan Won World War II.
9/29/76 San Fernando Valley News. In A Pinch Ali Always a Cinch.
10/2/76 L.A. Times. Muhammad Ali Quitting Ring.
2/14/78 L.A. Herald. Ali Talking And He's Training Too.
2/15/78 San Fernando Valley News. Las Vegas Perfect Setting for Ali Fleece.
2/16/78 San Fernando Valley News. The Party Finally Over For Champ.
2/16/78 San Fernando Valley News. Spinks Upsets Ali.
2/16/78 L.A. Herald - For the Greatest, the Reign Ends. (2 copies)
2/16/78 L.A. Herald. Shocker! Spinks Jolts the Boxing World by Dethroning the Legend, Muhammad Ali. (4 copies)
2/16/78 L.A. Herald - Blood, Cuts Accompany Ali in Loss.
2/16/78 L.A. Times - Ali Finally Taps Out in Las Vegas. (7 copies)
2/16/78 L.A. Times - Spinks Dethrones Ali.
2/16/78 Pasadena Star News. Spinks and Ali Jinx.
9/10/78 Today The Inquirer Magazine - Muhammad Ali 17 pages ($20)
9/16/78 London Evening News. Ali Proves He's the Greatest. (2 copies)
9/16/78 L.A. Herald. Record Setting Ali Regains His Championship With Ease. (2 copies)
9/16/78 Miami Herald. Ali Wins Title for Third Time.
9/16/78 L.A. Times. Ali Makes Boxing History.
9/16/78 L.A. Times. Ali Puts Some Teeth Back Into Heavyweight Title. (2 copies)
9/16/78 Pasadena Star News. Ali Proves He's the Greatest.
9/17/78 L.A. Herald. Ali Regains Title.

10/2/80 Las Vegas Sun. Special Souvenir Fight Edition. Ali vs. Holmes 28 pages ($35)
10/3/80 Philadelphia Inquirer. Holmes Punishes Punchless Ali.
10/3/80 L.A. Times. Holmes Calls Ali One of the Greatest of All Time.
10/3/80 L.A. Times. The Ballad of Muhammad Ali: A Sad Song to the End. (2 copies)
10.3.80 L.A. Herald. Death of a Salesman.
10/3/80 San Fernando Daily News. Holmes Has the Last Hurrah.
10/3/80 Las Vegas Evening News. The End for Ali.
10/4/80 San Fernando Daily News. The Ali Holmes Holdup.