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NOTE: VG=Very good condition. G=Good. If the book has a dust jacket you will see two references as to the condition. For example 'Very good/Good' would mean the book itself is in very good condition with a good condition dust jacket.

* Abrahams, Harold M. 'Athletics' 1926 1st ed. 127 pages. Includes general training, sprinting, quarter-mile, half-mile and mile, field events, hurdling, long-jumping, pole jumping, heavy events, relay racing, equipment, mental side of athletics, women and boys in athletics, and competition. Scarce title. Good + condition in an internally tape repaired, but relatively decent dust jacket. $35
* Abrahams, Harold 'XVII Olympiad Rome 1960' 276 pages. Handbook to the XVII Olympiad. Articles by Harold Abrahams, Avery Brundage, Jesse Owens, Fanny Blankers-Koen, EmilZatopek etc. and concluding with "RECALLING MELBOURNE" by VLADIMIR KUTS., 1960. Good copy. $20
* Allen,Bob '500 Home Run Club' 1999. Full leather limited edition. 1 of 755 copies autographed by the all-time home run king Hank Aaron Excellent condition. $200.
* Amateur Athletic Union of U.S. 'Amateur Athletic Union Official Handbook, General Rules 1952-53' 108 pages Good $20
* Arseneault, David M. (Men's basketball coach Grinnell College) 'The Running Game. A Formula for Success.'1997 1st edition. 67-pages. VG $25
* Atlas,Charles 'Everlast Health & Strength, Revealing My Secret of Dynamic Tension' c1930 46 pages. VG $30
* Auerbach, Red 'Red Auerbach On & Off The Court' 1985 1st ed. 256-pages. VG/VG $10

* Beckett,James 'Good Sports. Athletes Your Kids Can Look Up To' 1999 1st ed. oversize hardcover. VG in VG dust jacket. 30 different athletes. 128 pages. $10
* Berra,Yogi "Yogi, It Ain't Over" 1989 1st ed. VG/VG $15
* Bonner, M.G. 'The Real Book About Sports' 1958 1st ed. VG in VG dust jacket. 216 pages. All kind of sports information. How basketball originated, how rule changes have impacted games, Jim Thorpe, The Four Horseman, Sultan of Swat, etc. $15
* Bouton, Jim "I Managed Good, But Boy Did They Play Bad" 1973 1st ed. VG/Good $12
* Bounton, Jim 'Ball Four. My Life and Hard Times Throwing the Knuckleball in the Big Leagues' 1970 6th printing. 400-pages. Good+ in Good- dust jacket. $30
* Bouton, Jim 'Ball Four Plus Ball Five. An Update 1970-1980' 1981 1st ed. 457-pages. VG/VG- Signed by Bouton on frontispiece.$40
* Bosworth, Brian 'The Boz. Confessessions Of A Modern Anti-Hero. Football's Most Outrageous Superstar' Brian Bosworth With Rick Reilly. 1988 1st ed. VG/VG $10
* Bradley,Bill "Life on the Run" 1976 2nd printing VG/VG $12
* Brosnan,Jim 'The Long Season' c1960 leatherette hardcover. Written and autographed by pitcher Jim Brosnan, 273 pages, mint condition. The story of the 1959 season, Brosnan's 12 year in the major leagues. $25
* Bushing,David 'Sports Equipment Price Guide. A Century of Sports Equipment from 1860 - 1960'. "The definitive, comprehensive guide to valuating collectible sports equipment by a leading collector/dealer." 1995 1st ed. 336 pages. VG+ $40

* Campanella,Roy "It's Good to be Alive" 1959 2nd printing Good/Fair $20
* Carroll,John 'Fritz Pollard, Pioneer in Racial Advancement' 1992 1st ed. 298 pages. "Chronicles the story of a young African American man whose list of athletic firsts was equaled by the courage and ambition he showed in confronting racial barriers. While a student and football star at Brown University, Pollard became the first black to play in the Rose Bowl, going on to be the first of his racenamed to a backfield position on Walter Camp's legendary all-america team. First black QB and head coach in the National Football League, Pollard later recruited heavily from black colleges to build and coach a powerfull all-black pro team..." Fine/Fine $15
* Clark, Ellery 'Reminscences of An Athlete. Twenty Years On Track and Field' 1911 1st ed. 196 pages. Boston and New York Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge. Clark was all-around athletic champion of America, 1897, 1903, all-around athletic champion of New England, 1896, 1897, 1909, & 1910. Contents: Early Memories, College Days - Failure and Success, College Days - Heroes Past and Present - The Hurdlers, Jumpers, and Weight-Throwers, The All-Around Championship, The Olympic Games of 1896, The All-Around Championship Again, and Random Memories. Good condition. Ex-library. Very scarce. $30
* Coca Cola 'Sports Manual 1955' 128 pages. Good $10
* Collingridge,W.H. 'Tricks of Self-Defence' 1960 reprint revised by Percy Longhurst. 48 pages. 39 illustrations. Two major sections, one on standing positions, and another on ground tricks. VG $50
* Cousy,Bob "The Killer Instinct" 1975 1st ed. VG/Good- $20
* Cousy,Bob "The Last Loud Roar" 1964 1st ed. VG/Good+ $30
* Cramer, Richard Ben 'Joe Dimaggio. The Hero's Life' 2000 1st ed. 546-pages. VG+/VG+ Like new.  $15

* Daggett, Tim 'Dare to Dream. Tragedy and Triumph: The Heroic Struggle of an Olympic Champion' 1992 2nd printing. 235 pages. The story of Tim Daggett and his Olympic gold medal winning team. "n 1984, Tim Daggett clinched the first-ever Gold Medal for the U.S. Men's Gymnastics team. Then, in 1987, he fell 15 feet from the high bar, rupturing a disc. But he fought his way back to contend in the World Championships, only to suffer an even more devastating injury. Facing More.possible leg amputation, he refused to give up." VG/VG. SIGNED on frontispiece by Daggett: "Congratulations Tim Daggett 2/98".  $20
* Daley,Arthur 'Times at Bat. A Half Century of Baseball' 1950 1st ed. G/G- $25
* Deford,Frank 'The Heart of a Champion. Celebrating the Spirit and Character of Great American Sports Heroes' 2002 1st ed. hardcover. VG in VG jacket. 168 pages. 

* Eggers, Kerry "Against the World, A Behind the Scenes Look at the Portland Trailblazers Chase for the NBA Championship" 1993 1st ed. VG/VG $15
* Epstein, David 'The Sports Gene. Inside The Sciences Of Extraordinary Athletic Performance.' 2013 1st edition. 338-pages. VG/VG $10.

* Farrar, Arthur Hobbart 'Police Wrestling. Mat Holds, Grips, Falls' 1942. 87-pages. Good condition $25
* Feder, Sid 'Wrestling Fan's Book' Tabulation of 300 wrestlers. Stars of Yesterday and Today. Life Stories and Photographs of over 250 Wrestlers of Today. Champions of Yesterday - Their Story and Their Feats. A Panorama of Wrestling from 2000 Years Ago Until Today. Can a Boxer Beat a Wrestler?  96 pages. VG condition $30
* Federman,Wayne & Terrill,Marshall (in collaboration with Jackie Maravich) 'Maravich' (The story of Pistol Pete Maravich) 2006 1st ed. 422 pages. Hardcover in excellent condition in an excellent dust jacket. $30
* Finkel, John 'Heart Over Height. Nate Robinson' 2014 1st ed. 123-pages. VG $10
* Fitzgerald,Ed "Sport Magazine's Book of Major League Baseball Clubs, The American League" 1955 1st ed. Good/Good- $20
* Fleischer, Nat 'Modern Wrestling. Its Holds and Methods. With Special Chapter on Gotch's Famous Holds Explained and George Bothner's Advice. Second Revised Edition 1945. With a photo album of 70 world famous wrestlers and 80 other illustrations. A scientific treatise containing everything that one who aspires to be a wrestler should know.Chapters include: The Origin of Wrestling,The Science of Wrestling, Muscle Development, Preliminary Training, Strength Attaining Exercises, Explaing the Mat Holds, Learning to Wrestle, The Science of Wrestling, Frank Gotch's Famous Holds, Album of Wrestling Stars. 124-pages. Good + condition $40
* Frazier,Walt "Rocking Steady, A Guide to Basketball & Cool" 1974 1st ed. VG/Good- $20
* Frazier, Walt & Berklow, Ira 'Rockin' Steady. A Guide to Basketball & Cool. 1974 1st ed. VG in Good- dust jacket with wearing and small tearing to corners. SIGNED "Walt Frazier, "Clyde"  $50
*Frohse,Franz 'Atlas of Human Anatomy With Exploratory Text' c1942 Barnes & Noble Good+ 96 pages $5

* Golenbock, Peter 'Dynasty. The New York Yankees 1949-1964. When rooting for the Yankees was like rooting for U.S. Steel' 1975 394-pages. VG+/VG+ $20
* Green,A.C. "Victory" 1994 2nd printing VG/VG $15
* Greenspan,Bud '100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History' 1995 1st ed. 224 pages. VG/VG $15
* Gulick, Luther 'Physical Education by Muscular Exercise' 1912 1st ed. Good + $35

* Halberstram,David "The Breaks of the Game" 1981 2nd printing VG/VG $20
* Harris,Merv "On Court With the Superstars of the NBA" 1973 1st ed. VG/VG $25
* Havlicek,John "Hondo, Celtic Man in Motion" 1977 1st ed. VG/VG $30
* Healthways 'Bodybuilding With Barbells and Dumbells, Six Complete Courses by Healthways' 1960 1st ed., 54 pages. VG $35
* Hoffman,Anny Byrne "Echoes From the Schoolyard, Informal Portraits of NBA Greats" 1974 1st ed. Good/Good- $20
* Hoffman,Bob "Big Arms, How to Develop Them" 1939 1st ed. VG $40
* Hollander,Zander "Great Rookies of Pro Basketball" Ex. library 1969 VG $20
* Holmes, Burton 'The Olympian Games in Athens' 1996 reprint of a book originally published in 1908. VG condition in a VG slipcover. 101 pages. INSCRIPTION on the title page. Don't know if it's from the author. "The modern Olympis was born 100 years ago in Athens Greece. No television or film crews beamed the images of the games to audiences all over the world. Few spectators even had cameras with which to record the event. Fortunately, there was Burton Holmes. A professional lecturer and amateur photographer, he traveled the world and regaled paying audiences withtalks of his global escapades. Part history, part adventurer and part travel writer, Holmes provides us a priceless glimpse into the 1896 games and the backdrop against which they played." $10
* Holzman,Red "Hozman's Basketball: Winning Strategy and Tactics" 1973 1st printing VG/Good $25
* Harvey,Charles 'Sport International' 1960 VG- $5

* Issel, Dan 'Parting Shots' 1985 1st ed. 193-pages. VG/Good+ INSCRIBED by Issel. $40.

* Joravsky,Ben "Hoop Dreams, A True Story of Hardship and Triumph" 1995 1st ed. Fine/Fine $35
* Johnson,Blaine "What's Happenin? A Revealing Journey Through the World of Professional Basketall" 1978 1st ed. VG/Good $20

* Karl,George "This Games the Best" 1997 1st ed. Fine/Fine $20
* Koppett,Leonard "The Essence of the Game is Deception" 1973 1st ed. VG/Good- $20
* Koppett,Leonard "24 Seconds to Shoot, An Informal History of the NBA" 1970 2nd printing VG/Good $30
* Kay,Tommy (Editor) 'Wrestling Book' April 1974 129 pages VG $20 (2 copies)
* Kay,Tommy (Editor) 'Wrestling Book' October 1974 129 pages VG $20 (2 copies)
* Kent,Graeme 'A Pictorial History of Wrestling' 2nd ed. 1969 320 pages Fine/Good $25
* Kent,Graeme 'A Pictorial History of Wrestling' 1st ed. 1969 320 pages VG/VG $30
* Kent,Graeme 'A Pictorial History of Wrestling' 2nd ed. 1969 320 pages VG/Good- $20
* Kraft, Ken 'Master Wrestling' Endorsed by the U.S. Wrestling Federation. 1977. 138-pages. VG $10

* Larson,Mark 'Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia'. "Checklists and updated values for virtually every type of baseball collectible from the 1900's to the 1990's plus hundreds of photos." Expanded, revised third edition. 1996 VG+ 480 pages. $45
* Leavy, Jane 'The Big Fella. Babe Ruth And The World Series' 2018 1st ed. 620-pages. VG/+/VG+ $15
* Lee,Spike "Spike Lee Best Seat in the House, a Basketball Memoir" 1997 1st ed. Fine/Fine $20
* Liederman, Earle 'Secrets of Strength'1926 reprint of book first issued in 1925. 218 pages. Contents: Inherited & Acquired Strength, Power and Strength, Strength Through Muscular Development, Are Small Bones a Bar to Strength?, Strength Through Natural Advantages, Quality of Muscle the Basis of Strength, Strength Through Symmetry, Strength Through Perfect Digestion, Importance of Big Lungs and a Strong Heart, Secret of Nervous Energy, Building Strength. Many illustrations. Book is SIGNED in pencil on frontispiece by Ignacio Fernandez and must have belonged to him. Fernandez was a featherweight boxer known as the "Fistic Sensation." He fought many of the great fighters of his era including the likes of Ceferino Garcia, Kid Chocolate, Al Singer, Tony Canzoneri and Leslie "Wildcat" Carter. Blue hardback in good condition. 218 pages. $40
* Liederman, Earle 'The Science of Wrestling and The Art of Jiu Jitsu' 1924 2nd edition. 223-pages. G+ to VG- Straight, tight, and very clean internally. Nice covers. Profusely illustrated. $50
* Louganis, Greg & Macrus, Eric 'Breaking the Surface, Greg Louganis' 1995 1st ed. 286 pages. "The story of a lonely boy who struggled with dyslexia and discrimination yet discovered he had a great gift for acrobatics and diving. It's about a shy kid who battled low self-esteem, bouts of depression, and conflicts over his sexuality, yet still went on to become one of the most accomplished divers of all time. It's about a man who had a world of opportunities yet lost his way when those opportunities ended. And it's the story of a man who is learning to live with HIV." VG in a VG+ mylar protected dust jacket. SIGNED on the title page by Louganis. $30
* Lord, John 'Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years' 1962 1st ed. 411-pages. Good-/Poor. Some water damage to edges of last 20-pages or so as well as rear cover in a poor worn, water damaged but complete dust jacket. INSCRIBED to former world heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson on title page: "To Floyd Patterson, In admiration, John Lord." Also has a stamp "Estate of Floyd Patterson" $60
* Luciano,Ron "Remembrance of Swings Past" 1988 1st ed. Fine/Fine $12

* Mantle family, "A Hero All His Life" 1996 1st ed. Fine/Fine $15
* Mantle, Mickey & Pepe, Phil 'May Favorite Summer 1956' 1991 1st ed. 248-pages. VG/VG $15
* Maris,Roger "My Turn at Bat" 1962 1st ed. VG/VG $45
* McCallum, John 'College Basketball USA Since 1892' 1980 softcover. VG $15
* Mathewson,Christy "Pitching in a Pinch" 1923 reprint, good- $35
* Meany,Tom "The Magnificent Yankees" 1957 VG $30
* Meggyesy, Dave 'Out of Their League' 2005 softcover in like new condition. Inscribed by Meggyesy in 2009. $25
* Mitchell, Jerry 'Sandy Koufax' Grosset & Dunlap, 1966. Pictorial hard cover. Book Condition: Very Good+ Condition. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. This is an excellent copy with very light wear. Clean, unmarked and tightly bound. Hinges are in excellent condition. Corners are not bumped. $15
* Mosher, Terry 'Harsh. The Life, Times And Philosophy Of Hall Of Fame Coach Marv Harshman' 1994 1st ed. 170-pages. VG/VG $10


* Nettles and Golenbock, Peter 'Balls' 1984 1st ed. 232-pages. VG/VG $20
* Nitschke, Ray 'Mean on Sunday. The Autobiography of Ray Nitschke as told to Robret W. Wells' 1973 302-pages. VG/Good+ $15

* O'Neal,Shaquille "Shaq Attack!" 1993 1st ed. VG/VG $15
* O'Flaherty, Liam 'The Informer' The intense, extraordinary novel of the Dublin underwold from which the famous motion picture was made starring former fighter Victor McLaglen. 1943. 312-pages. VG in VG mylarp protected jacket $40.
* Oliver, Dean 'Basketball On Paper. Rules and Tools for Performance Analysis' 2004 softcover. 376-pages. Contains underlining and handwritten notes, else good condition. $5

* Partnow, Seth 'The Midrange Theory. Basketball's Evolution In The Age Of Analytics' 2021 1st edition. 284-pages. VG/VG $15.
* Paul, Chris with Michael Wilbon 'Sixty-One. Life Lessons From Papa, On And Off The Court' 2023 315-page 1st edition VG+/VG+ $15.
* Piersall, Jim & Hirshberg, Al 'Fear Strikes Out. The Jimmy Persall Story' 1955 1st ed. 217-pages. VG./Good $40
* Pluto,Terry "Fall From Grace, Can Pro Basketball be Saved" 1995 1st ed. Fine/Fine $25



* Rains,Rob 'Slugger! Mark McGuire' 1998 1st ed. (Baseball) Autographed by author. VG/VG $20
* Randall, Bruce (Mr. Universe) 'The Barbell Way to Physical Fitness. A Simple Effective Program for Weight Control and a Sound Muscular Body Through the Use of Barbells and Proper Diet. With Over 190 Illustrations' Foreward by Stan Musial. 1970 1st ed. 148-pages. SIGNED by Nat Fleischer, the original founder and longtime editor of The Ring magazine. This came from his personal library. VG in VG unpriceclipped dust jacket. $50
* Riley,Pat "Showtime, Inside the Lakers Breakthrough Season" 1988 1st ed. Fine/Fine $25
* Rupp,Adolph "Rupp's Championship Basketball" 1949 2nd printing VG $30
* Russell, Bill & Branch, Taylor 'Second Wind. The Memoirs of an Opiniated Man' 1979 1st ed. 265-pages. VG/VG- $20

* Sachare, Alex 'The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia' 2nd edition. 1989. Introduction by David J. Stern. Foreward by Julius Erving. 842-pages. VG in a VG dust jacket. $15.
* Sampson,Curt "Full Court Pressure, A Tumultuous Season With the Seattle Sonics" 1995 1st ed. Fine/Fine $25
* Schollander, Don 'Deep Water' 1971 1st ed. 276 pages. "The dramatic story of Don Schollander, who set 22 world swimming records and who in one meet won four Olympic gold medals, and his searching look at the conduct of the Olympic Games and other amateur athletics in America and throughout the world." VG in VG+ mylar protected dust jacket. INSCRIBED on frontispiece: "To Maggie and Bill Webber hope you enjoy reading this book. DonSchollander." $45
* Schoor, Gene 'The Jim Thorpe Story. America's Greatest Athlete' 1951 1st edition. INSCRIBED by the author to Ring Magazine founder and editor's son-in-law Nat Loubet as follows: "October 12, 1951. To Nat Loubet The Next Editor of Our Company and the Sweetest Guy I've Ever Met - Best Ever Gene Schoor" VG in a good- but complete dust jacket. 185 pages. $85
* Sellar, R.J.B. 'Play! The Best Sporting Stories' c1950's. Published in London. Contents: A Golfing Medley, Comedies in Cricket, Tales of the Turf, Motoring Yarns, Shooting and Antling Stories, Football Fables, Hunting-Field Humour, Legends of the Theatre, A Few Card Jests, A Little of Everything, A Smoking Mixture, and Canned Wisdom. Good+ $30
* Shapiro, Milton "The Whitey Ford Story" 1963 2nd printing Good/Good- $25
* Shaw, Mark "Larry Legend (Larry Bird) 1998 1st ed. Fine/Fine $30
* Smith, Don 'Backfield in Motion. A complete photo guide for young quarterbacks, running backs and receivers.' 1973 1st ed. 159-pages. VG/Good+ $10
* Scott, Jake "Bill Walton, On the Road with the Portland Trailblazers" 1978 1st ed. VG/Good $30
* Sirica, John J. 'To Set the Record Straight. The Break-in, The Tapes, The Conspirators, The Pardon.' 1979-1st edition. 394-pages. Good+ in a Good - complete dust jacket. Stamp "Estate of Floyd Patterson." INSCRIBED to the former world heavyweight boxing champion "For my friends Janet and Floyd Patterson with my admiration and respect. I hope both of you enjoy reading my book. John J. Sirica 5/2/83." $100. 
* Stockton, John with Kerry L. Pickett 'Assisted An Autobiography' foreward by Karl Malone. 2104 349-page softcover in VG condition. $10
* Strom,Earl "Calling the Shots, My Five Decades in the NBA" 1990 1st ed. Fine/Fine $25.

* Taylor, Ben 'Thinking Basketball' 2016 softcover. 180-pages. Contains some underlined and highlighted sections, else good condition. $5
* Taylor, Dennis 'The Miracle Myth.' 2013 1st edition softccover baseball novel. INSCRIBED by athor on title page. 407-pages. Entertaining read in VG + condition. $20.
* Tisdall, R.M.N. 'The Young Athlete' 1934 1st ed. 160 pages. Published by Blackie & Son Ltd., London and Glasgow. Includes: Purely Personal, Prizes of Athletics, Athletics as a Hobby, The Human Engine, Tuning Up, Value of Exercise, Going Into Training, Rest and Relaxation, Mind Over Matter, Sprinting and the Crouch Start, Middle Distance Running, Long Distance Running, Art of Hurdling, Putting and Throwing Contests, Long Jump, High Jump, The All-Around Athlete, Sports Day Hints, Some Adventures in Athletics, The Olympic Games, Records and Events'. Good $20

* Unitas,Johnny "Pro Quarterback, My Own Story" 1968 1st ed. VG $25

* Watts, Donald "Slick" with Hughes, Frank 'Slick Watts Tales from The Seattle Supersonics' 2005 1st ed. Signed by both Frank Hughes and Donald "Slick" Watts. 177-poages. VG+/VG+ $35
* Westaway, John 'The Mystery of God Revealed' 1946 1st edition. Blue cloth, no dust jacket. 225 pages. Very good condition. Long inscription from the author on July 4, 1950. Also beautifully inscribed by former heavyweight champion Tommy Burns as follows: "Always your friend in Christ, Tommy Burns." $150
* Weyand, Alexander M. (Member, American Olympic Team, 1920. 'The Olympic Pageant' 1952 1st ed. 347-pages. INSCRIBED "Thomas E.... Lane, Helsinki, Finland. U.S. Olympic Training Commision." Good condition, no dust jacket. $25
* Wolf, Alexander. Sports Illustrated '100 Years of Hoops. A fond look back at the sport of basketball as it celebrates its first century of existence. Happy 100th, hoops!'1991 1st ed. 208-pages. VG/VG $15.

* Van Arsdale, Tom (with Tyler Daswick) 'Journey Man. Celebrating an Unlucky, Unpredictable and Undeniably Successful NBA Career.' 2020 1st edition softcover. 223-pages. VG $10

* Waldman,Frank 'Famous Athletes of Today. Eleventh Series' 1949 hardcover book in very good condition. Stories on Luke Appling, Gene Bearden, Dick Button, Al Dark, Tommy Henrich, BenHogan, Johnny Mize, Jack Robinson, Doak Walker, and a few others. $15
* Warman, Prof. E.B. 'Spalding's Athletic Library. Physical Education and Hygiene' 1904. 68-pages and many more pages of ads. Good condition $25
*  Watts, Slick with Hughes, Frank 'Slick Watt's Tales from the Seattle Supersonics' 2005 1st ed. 177-pages. VG+/VG+ INSCRIBED by Watts and Hughes. $40.
* Weyand, Alexander M. (Member of 1920 U.S. Olympic Team) 'The Olympic Pageant' 1952 1st ed.344 pages. "Devoting a chapter to each Olympic festival, the author gives a complete and accurate account of every contest ever held during the tneire course of the modern Olympics from the time it was founded in 1896 up to the last contest in 1948". Inscribed on frontispiece: "Thomas E. Lane, Helsinki Finland 1952 U.S. Olympic _______  ________ (can't make out last two words)". Good + $20
* Williams, J.X. 'Sin Arena' 1964. 190-page novel about a professional wrestler. VG $10
* Wooden, John 'John Wooden's UCLA Offense' Foreward by Mike Krzyewski. With unused accompanying DVD. 2006 213-page softcover in VG condition. $10
* Wooden, John "They Call Me Coach" 1973 3rd printing VG/Good $10
* Wooden, John 'They Call Me Coach' 1988 softcover. 272-pages. INSCRIBED by Wooden on title page": "For Suzanne & Brian - with best wishes John Wooden. VG $30
* Wooden, John (with Steve Jamison) 'My Personal Best. Life Lessons from an All-American Journey' 2004 hardcover in VG condition with a VG dust jacket. 208-pages. $10.

* Wilson,Charles 'The Magnificent Scufflers, Revealing the Great Days when America Wrestled the World' 1959 1st ed. VG/VG $30